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Quick its been reduced

A Google Chrome extension has been launched that enables house hunters to see price reductions on individual properties on the Rightmove website.

The extension, which is free and currently has nearly 500 users, enables those using the browser extension to to access the same price variation figures that Zoopla offers on its website. Rightmove has not sanctioned or approved the PropertyLog service. The service initially also offered the ability to leave comments, but was withdrawn after the developer took fright at potential exposure to defamatory remarks made via the PropertyLog service.

When Zoopla launched in 2008, one of the key differences between it and Rightmove at the time was its price change data, a service that Rightmove has always eschewed.

The PropertyLog Chrome extension – if it gains wider usage – will mean agents who prefer Rightmove because it doesn’t reveal their clients’ property price reductions and length of time on the market – and failure to sell them – will no longer be able to hide their difficulties on the portal.


PropertyLog has been developed by an anonymous geek who is based in Didcot in Oxfordshire. They use the hande @gettingbored on the forum and describe themselves as a ‘former PropertyBee user’.

“Hundreds of hours and many late nights have gone into the development of the extension,” their website says.

PropertyBee – which until recently offered a similar service via the Firefox browser also for Rightmove and is operated by house valuations website – has recently all but closed.