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Flat residents should be able to enjoy their home and feel proud of where they live. But sadly, without the right Block Management Services in place, a home can quickly turn from a haven into a headache. And that’s no fun for anyone.
Who wants to live in an apartment block that looks unloved, with peeling paint, overflowing bins or overgrown gardens? Nobody.
Who enjoys having a regular dispute with their neighbours over parking or having to query service charges every year? Nobody.
A good block management company will ensure that kind of stuff doesn’t happen. A great property management company goes one step further and takes care of your building as if it were their own.

Guess what type of company we are?

Block Management Services

As full service managing agents we aim to provide every type of property manager with all the help and support they may need. Below is a list of our key Block management services, should you need further help please do not hesitate to contact one of our managing agents.

Property Maintenance

Property Cafe will undertake a full review of the property upon commencement of management. This will include a schedule of Major Works in addition to a cost analysis review of current contracts in place, to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Plan & Budget

Your managing agent will liaise with the Directors in order to agree a plan of repair and maintenance. In so doing, we can adequately budget for future works on your property and ensure that expenditure will be planned and under control.

Block Management Admin

You will be assigned a specific managing agent who will administer and supervise each active contract, reducing the number of unforeseen problems on-going.


Regular Site Visits and Reports

We undertake a site visit every three months and these detailed reports are logged on to our database – this is a proactive way of managing the more visual, day to day problems. The site visit reports are available for review by the Directors upon request and shall be held for the entirety of the contract with Currell.



Property Cafe utilise a close network of contractors spanning a multitude of specialisms, providing consistency and experience when attending to matters both inside and outside the property.



Legal Advice

Property Cafe can provide advice on all matters relating to the legal obligations of the Company. We will arrange for a periodic Health and Safety / Fire Risk Assessment to ensure that the property is compliant on an annual basis. We will also compose and issue Section 20 consultation notices to ensure that the company has fulfilled the necessary process in regards to consultation over Major Works.


Accountancy & Finance

We use market-leading software to allow clients’ money to be monitored, providing the Directors with up to the minute statements. This ensures budgeting becomes highly accurate, whilst minimising property arrears. We will produce budgets in advance of the financial year end to allow consultation with Directors and for invoices to be sent out in line with the terms of the Property Lease.

Sophie Willett – Block Management Director

Ground Rents & Service Charges

We can produce fully compliant invoices for Service Charge and Ground Rents as well as statements for Directors on any outstanding amounts. Our Accounts Department includes professional and experienced accountants who can aide with Service Charge and Company Accounts as well as providing up to date advice on any financial matters.


Company Secretarial

Property Cafe is happy to undertake the Company Secretarial duties for Residential Management Companies. Included in this service we would maintain the Company Statutory Records and would become the Company Registered Address. We will also file company documentation such as Annual Returns and Accounts, and arrange for the documentation relating to Directorships to be filed in the necessary time frame. Upon the sale/purchase of the property we would be happy to undertake the share transfer as well as providing answers to any Solicitor’s queries that may be requested. Costs for this service are available on request.